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Silver River

SILVER RIVER is a collection of works on paper, exploring different states of consciousness, investigating the type of conditions, settings and circumstances that produce different forms of refined and altered states of awareness, alertness or raptness where time seemingly falters, and space dilates. Such states provide experience with a different altered sense of how we usually define or understand personhood. In his research and analysis JP Azzopardi seeks to explore the fundamental conditions that create these states, the object and content of internal/external perception, and the cognitive apparatus of one’s awareness, or core self. Extra-ordinary states of consciousness affect subjective time and space. In such situations time, space and the awareness of oneself as a river of consciousness, are experienced diversely as types of felt time. In the event of meditation, active immersion, deep sleep, moments of terror and transient loss of oneself, perception engages differently in self-reflection and the world. Therefore, an alteration to the regular awareness of the internal conscious experience of time and space becomes apparent. This, for example, can happen in a rather simple and immediate manner when one’s awareness becomes absorbed in any of Nature’s phenomena, momentarily forgetting oneself as mental and emotional experience merges in the sublime. Each work portrays different types of circumstances and phenomena wherein such states are experienced. This on-going research project which started back in 2009 with his Bone-works, is an investigation into an esoteric calibration of the attention, perceptive alteration, and how these effect the current experience of time and space. The research is part of an investigation into how to deliver an aesthetic that assists the opportunity of doing away with the lethal subject/object diabolical duality, seemingly inbuilt into our innate thinking processes.