John Paul Azzopardi’s artistic expression struggles with the quest for an aesthetic he deems manifest in the variegated philosophical topos of the contemporary ethos. His work explores the dialectic that results from the tension of confronting the organic with the synthetic. Utilising his materials as a synecdoche he creates forms orchestrating an array of texts ranging from the ancient (both Western as well as Eastern) to the contemporary philosophical idiom, the mythological and social critique. By means of this bricolage mixed medium, existential symbolic expressions are voiced and used to expose and articulate the covert psychological structures and the dominant phenomenological tensions.

John Paul Azzopardi (1978) was born in East London, England and currently resides in Malta. In 2008 he obtained his B.A. (Hons) degree in Philosophy at the University of Malta. In 2012 The National Museum of Fine Arts (Malta) acquired Curved Silence to be part of their Contemporary art collection. Besides his artistic projects he also assisted and collaborated with several Maltese and International artists such as Raymond Pitre’ Olphaert Den Otter (Netherlands) and contemporary folk band Brikkuni. He has also exhibited works alongside artists such as Jessica Harrison (UK), Zarko Baseski (Macedonia), Åsa Riton (Sweden), Davor Ljubicic (Croatia), Dominique De Beir (France), Mieke Bal (Netherlands), Democracia (Spain), Katharina Swoboda (Austria).

Azzopardi also works at the Malta Films studio’s working as a costume ageing and effects artist for international film productions whilst shooting in Malta; productions such as HBO’s Games of Thrones (2011), Sky TV (UK) Sinbad (2011-12), Kevin Reynold’s Risen (2014) The Dove Keeper’s (US) (2014), Channel 4’s (UK) You, Me, and the Apocalypse (2015), Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (2015) Terry George’s The Promise (2015).

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