Dream Weapon

Date: 2010| Media: Mixed Media | Size: H77 x L47 x W47 cm

Career (n.) 1530s, “a running, course” (especially of the sun, etc., across the sky), from M.Fr. carriere “road, racecourse” (16c.), from O.Prov. carriera, from V.L. *(via) cararia “carriage (road), track for wheeled vehicles,” from L. carrus “chariot” (see car). Sense of “course of a working life” first attested 1803. The verb is first attested 1590s, from the notion of a horse “passing a career” on the jousting field, etc. (

Contemporary culture rates highly the phenomenon of careerism and although this draws profound positive qualities; such as the desire for continuous study and the need to expand one’s knowledge and to enhance and empower the potent individuality of man as professional being; there also lurks the dark aspect inherent in our basic animal genealogy; survival, selfishness, competition and superiority. Within our nature as self-conscious beings we rationally acknowledge these basic instincts. In our present day and age career advancement and continuous education are encouraged, and indeed may lead to a healthier disciplined professionalism. Many consciously or unconsciously are culturally encouraged to compete for superiority. This is the level of behaviour that makes manifest the prostitute archetype; one’s willingness to be used/abused and one’s stance, promoting itself as the healthiest product. One may become sadistic, pushing others intentionally (consciously or unconsciously) as also masochistic, transgressing ones’ health. The interplay of prostitution, sadomasochism, and supremacy leads many to experience a form of psychosis, delusion. As man chases the golden key of success and achieves; reaches goals, acquires assets, promotion and reward, he tends to distance himself further from his intrinsic basic humanity.

The Ancient Greek sages reacted with trepidation as they realized how the use of money, as opposed to the previous system of bartering, empowered the human being with a perceived ability to project their dearest ideal of infinity into the mere physical/objective form (number), thus rendering it seemingly accountable. With the emergence of money the fulfilment of Infinity paradoxically seems to suddenly gain the possibility to be acquired, an object of purchase. On the other hand the true notion of Infinity was too dear to these truly special individuals (the sages) who would embrace it as their pregnant spiritual source for reason, creativity and silent meditative nothingness, a wealthy and significant dark space which once captured in the soul’s reflection creates light and indeed logos, reasoning.

It may happen that to live a purely competitive, careerist lifestyle the notion of the infinite unfortunately transforms into an inflated sort of ‘condensed’ mirage. A person’s advancement controlled by the interests of multinational, worldwide, co-operative individuals.

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